Last PoW Block: Block 1,000,000
No More POW - Stratum shutdown.
Please withdraw.
posted 09/22/2017 11:55:13

Secure Cryptographic On-line Open-source Bit Yield

No Premine
Type: PoW/Pos
Algorithm: Scrypt
Coin Identifier: SCOOBY
P2P Port: 23341
RPC Port: 23336
Block Reward: 50 Coins
Target Timespan: 1 Block
Target Spacing: 64 Seconds
PoS Percentage: 30% per year
Total Coin Supply: 21,000,000
Last PoW Block: Block 1,000,000
Transaction Confirmations: 3 Blocks
Number of hours before confirmed coins begin to stake: 1hr
 Number of blocks before a mined block can be spent: 15 Blocks
Seednode #1:
Seednode #2:
Seednode #3:
Seednode #4:
Masternode rewards plan to be enabled after 100,000 blocks
Mine through ScoobyCoin Wallet
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